Re-energising old tractors through electrification

Who We Are

A dedicated team, passionately working towards the goal of optimising energy generation and use for today and beyond. With a diverse skill set and background, we bring a unique perspective on how to tackle this ever increasing challenge. 

What We Do

We’re focused on transforming diesel tractors into battery electric, thereby increasing their efficiency and utilisation.

To date, we’ve created a prototype electric tractor conversion (Blue.E2), capable of powering implements as well as supporting bi-directional power flow. This power flow system, Chronos, is also being developed by us.

We’re currently working on a larger tractor conversion – more info soon…

What We Do

We’re focused on looking at the bigger energy picture, from local generation and consumption, to regional and national energy flow. Providing energy solutions that tackle this challenge at the various scales is what drives us.

Our Projects

Electric tractor conversions

Transforming diesel tractors into cost effective battery electric platforms, capable of more than the usual mechanical tractor work.


Smart energy monitoring and control for a better distributed energy network future.

Meet the team

Duncan Aitken


Tony Tsai


Bob Miller

Strategic Management

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